How Experts Repair Wrecked Cars

Have you ever wondered how experts repair wrecked cars? Or if they are borderline repairable? We will also discuss how auto body repair shops repair wrecked cars if you are curious.

1. Frame Machine

If your car is on the frame machine, chances are it has mild to severe structural damage that needs to be uplifted to check the extent of the car’s damage.

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Most auto body repair shops do this simply by driving the car into the machine. After that, they look closely at the areas where it is heavily damaged.

Once it’s detected, they will go through some of the processes and build around how to deal with the damage. Most likely, they will be using three favorites regarding auto body repairs, the bond-ups, flatliners, and the frame machine. When it comes to repairing, they also use other basic tools such as grinders, screwdrivers, wrenches, and many more. The frame machine is often used for severe structural damage.

2. Flatliner

Most auto body repair shops use a flat liner for small to medium dents. The first step is always to look for the dent. A special light is usually set up to ensure nothing is missed and that every part of the dented car is properly fixed. Most auto body repair shops install the flat liner on the dent, and the pulling mechanism of this tool allows the dent to be pulled outwards until it’s flat.


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