How 1 Tow Truck Owner Makes Millions

Owning a tow truck company can make you a millionaire. It is a lucrative business that can easily open other business opportunities with the possibility of making you a lot of money. The video shows a man who did just that.

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He started as a tow truck service provider in Idaho and is now a millionaire custom-tow-truck manufacturer.

Starting at a young age, the business owner worked hard as a tow truck driver. As a young man, he was on call 24 hours every day. His current success surprises him when he recounts the early days in the business. He owns two successful companies. The first is a towing business and a towing truck manufacturing business. The combined revenue of these two businesses is over $18 million.

The custom towing truck business started when he invented a tool that makes it easier for tow trucks to flip a rolled car and pull it onto the flatbed in minutes. However, the business became even more profitable when he learned the efficiency principles of car manufacturing companies. The company invested in modern tools, workshops, and working methods that saw the bottom line amount get to the millions.

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