All the Reasons You Should Have Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are a statement of style and heritage, but some think they cannot be insured normally because most are often very old. Car insurance is not just a legal requirement; it will save you money in case of an accident. It also offers more benefits. Here is an overview of the pros of classic car insurance and why you should have it for your car. Classic car insurance caters to classic car owners.

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The outstanding feature of the policy is the agreed value coverage. You and the insurer agree on the value of your car based on the appraisal. It also offers attractive options for coverage when on display at car shows, spare parts, and expert repair of exotic vehicles. It also has increased replacement costs, where the coverage pays for the difference when your car’s value increases. You can also get a cash settlement option. The coverage also caters to theft or repairs. You are paid in cash without the insurer demanding you repair the car.

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