Why You Need the New Doge Challenger

This video discusses the new Dodge Challenger and all the Scat Pack model features. It might be the perfect fit for someone who loves muscle cars and has a need for speed. The vehicle even has several air intakes to give it that breathy feel.

Something unique about the model is that it has a yellow strip attached to the bottom so that parts of the body don’t get damaged during shipping. The strip usually gets taken off after shipping.

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However, some people liked it so much that they kept it on there as an accent strip. Dodge now offers a pink stripe for fans of the shipping stripe.

The dodge has fender flares that are incredibly thick, and that allows people to get wide tires if they so desire. It’s not unusual for someone to have 305/35/R20 tires on it.

The term Scat Pack is a term that originally was a play on the Rat Pack from back in the 60s. The term “scat” is used as a reference to speed. Therefore, anyone who purchases a Scat Pack model is getting something that is going to be fast and fierce. It’s also going to have a gorgeous body with all sorts of great features.


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