Tips for Fixing a Windshield Crack

We have all been there; we’re driving down a road, happily minding our own business, when suddenly a stone flies up and hits the windshield. Now we’ve got a chip that quickly turns into a crack.

If you can feel the crack inside and outside of the car, it’s too late to repair the damage. A long crack that spreads across the windshield is also beyond repair. In these cases, the only fix for the cracks is a complete replacement of the windshield.

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However, if you can catch the cracks when they’re small, there is still hope. You can seal the crack before it becomes devastatingly big and save yourself a lot of money in the process.

Will a windshield repair kit work for you? Scotty Quick Fix can help you decide the best option for glass repair.

Scotty will demonstrate how to use a windshield repair kit to prevent further damage. While glass repair should, ideally, be done during the day so the sunlight can aid in quicker curing for the resin, Scotty will show you a tip that will allow you to do the work at any time.

Want to know more about glass repair? Watch the video now!.

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