How To Brake Inspection For Your Car

If you are interested in learning how to perform a brake inspection, you should consider some tips and tricks to follow from experienced people. Inspecting the brakes on a vehicle may be done by professionals at a repair shop to ensure a quality job and possibly a warranty. If a repair business is doing your brakes, they will likely have a lift that is easy to use and works quickly for a fast job.

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Some equipment that may be necessary include a flashlight, prying tool to remove hubcaps, a socket, an impact gun and finally a torque wrench for the proper pressure. The lug nuts on the tires should be removed with the impact gun quickly, so the wheel can be removed and the brakes can be inspected. Oftentimes, the brakes can be seen through the rotor which can show how much life is left. If the pads have a lot of material left, there is no need to change them. This procedure should be done for all four tires, and the back two tires may have brake drums that need to be changed.

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