What Is A Car Clear Bra, And How To Install One

This video is an episode of Drive and Protect that shows viewers the step-by-step process of how to clear bra an entire car. It will show how to car clear bra every painted surface of the vehicle. They share answers to questions like: Why am I clear bra‘ing a car with such a great paint job? They also answer what type of clear bra to use.

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The purpose of a car clear bra is to protect the vehicle. Therefore, it is essential that the paint is absolutely perfect before adding a clear bra. In addition, the entire surface of the car that is going to be covered must be clean. It is best if it is washed by hand. If there is any dirt or imperfections in the paint, the clear bra will not lay properly. Compressed air should be used to blow out any water that is left behind after drying. Installation is easier if the door handles and mirrors are removed. As an area will be covered, it should be measured to ensure the correct size roll is used to minimize waste.

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