How to Organize a Church Car Show 5 Things You Need to Set Up!

You’ve probably heard of a car show. Have you heard of a church car show? It’s the same thing. The only difference is the church is the host. The YouTube video “Providence Church car show” gives you a visual of a church car show. It’s equally grand and equally spectacular.

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Also, it’s for a good cause! If you have the chance to support your local church car show, do it. You won’t be disappointed!

Porta Potty Rental in Providence

Let’s start with a bang! Your event needs restrooms! Imagine two thousand attendees and no restrooms. They’ll all be gone by mid-day. The church might host the event at an outdoor location. The first thing is to provide proper facilities. You can talk to local rental companies. They’ll help you plan your waste management solution for the event. You don’t need to excavate. Simply place the facilities in key areas around the event. Make sure there are sufficient food vendors. You don’t want attendees leaving because they’re hungry! Do you have the necessary licenses and permits for the event? If this is your first time hosting, be sure to have the relevant paperwork. Advertise! It is essential to get the word out! Finally, make your cause known! Let people know what they can do to support the church. Lastly, enjoy your well-planned event!


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