What is a Bucket Truck?

Bucket trucks have been used for decades to perform tasks in the telecommunication, utility, signage, and construction sectors. Because of the nature of their job, they often require a bucket truck escort for safety.

So what are bucket trucks? Bucket trucks are trucks that are equipped with an extendable, hydraulic boom carrying a large bucket for raising workers to elevated, inaccessible areas. For example, bucket trucks are used for phone line maintenance and construction building.

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Bucket trucks respond to many different types of calls. Other than planned maintenance, they often get trouble calls, emergency calls, structure fire calls, and 911 calls. When responding to these types of calls, a bucket truck escort is used to get the bucket truck there quickly and safely.

Bucket trucks have a lot of tools and equipment in them to handle a variety of different jobs. Some equipment they have is harnesses, ropes, wire dispensers, transformer slings, handling hooks, and pole slings. Depending on what the bucket truck is used for primarily, these tools and equipment may be different.

To learn more about bucket trucks, what bucket trucks do, or what equipment they carry, watch the video above!

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