What Can You Learn in Truck Inspection Class

This video reviews what you can expect to learn in a truck inspection class. In this video, a Department of Transportation (DOT) explains what he looks for during a truck inspection.

The driver is supposed to inspect their own truck and be familiar with it.

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The driver is interviewed first before the inspection. This is the most important part to understand as a driver.

The officer is going to open the door and look in the truck. The officer is going to try to understand how the driver lives and the living conditions. The officer is going to listen and smell what is happening inside the truck, especially drugs and alcohol. They look at the floorboards. The officer is also feeling out the driver and trying to build a bond. The officer also looks at the gauges. The office explains that if you see burn holes in the seats and floorboards, that is an indication that the truck driver is smoking pot, not cigarettes. All of these items, and so much more, are taught during truck inspection class.

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