What Dealers Who Sell Used Cars Want Customers To Know

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Did you know there are nearly three hundred million cars on the road in the United States? That is good news for dealers who sell used cars. For every new car, there are about 3.3 used cars. Buying a car is a big commitment for most consumers. Here are some facts to consider about car buying.

Where Can I Buy Used Cars?
A car dealer will buy and sell used cars. They are often the best option. When they sell used cars, dealerships often have a wide selection of vehicles available. Customers can find cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. While purchasing a car from a private individual is also an option, dealers offer used cars on finance plans. This means customers can make payments over time as opposed to one lump sum payment.

What are the Best Cars to Buy Used?
Sedans and compact cars make up about sixty percent of the used cars sold in the United States. When they sell used cars, salespeople will often suggested these types of cars. With so many of these types of cars available, good deals can be made when they sell used cars in these categories.

Why Buy A Used Car?
New cars depreciated quickly once they are driven off the lot. Cars that are even just one or two years older than the current model are often twenty to thirty percent less expensive than their new counterpart. When dealers sell used cars they are often willing to negotiate on the price more than with a new vehicle.

In the United States, sixteen million new and used cars are sold each year. Some customers trade in cars when they are only one or two years old. This benefits dealers who sell used cars. They are able to sell almost new cars at significantly lower cost. When in the market for a car, consumers should consider buying used. There are great deals to be had!

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