Choosing the Right Hose Clamp for Every Job

Stainless hose clamps

When it is time for a do-it-yourself auto or plumbing repair, the hose clamp may be a well-needed part. However, when going to buy supplies, there are many types available. Having some information about what kind of hose clamp is right for the job will make the choice easy.

Invented in 1921 by Royal Navy Commander Lumley Robinson, a hose clamp is a heavy piece of wire bend into a U shape. Generally, it is attached to hose to seal it onto a fitting, such as a barb or nipple. When sized properly and of good quality, it keeps gas, liquids and other substances inside the line or hose.

Hose clamp sizes vary to fit and fasten to any size hose. Large diameter hose clamps include the screw clamp for hoses over a half and inch in diameter. When measuring to fit a clamp, use the outside diameter. Spring hose clamps are the simplest type. They are cylindrical spring-shaped metal strips with protrusions. When a longer clamp is need, worm drive hose clamps can be put together if shorter clamps are not of sufficient length.

In automotive repair, fuel hose clamps keep the gas line secure. Radiator hose clamps keep anti-freeze from leaking. Plumbers may use silicon or stainless steel hose clamps to secure water lines. To prevent leaks, there must be a good seal between the hose and the barb. The barb must be free of nicks and scratches, but also of any substances.

While a hose clamp seems like an insignificant part, it plays an important role in do-it-yourself repairs. Preventing leaks means having the right size and type of clamp with a proper fit. Before embarking on a repair, visit the local hardware store for the right parts. It will save you from a leaky mess later!
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