Transforming a Dull Ride Into a Dream Car

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It is commonly believed that a vehicle is the worst possible investment someone can make — may cite that this is true as soon as you drive your new vehicle off the sale’s lot. While a car may not hold its value, for many of us having the convenience of personal transportation is an invaluable element of our daily lives. Cars are more than just a vehicle however, as many of us see our car as an expression of who we are — for collectors and executive types, a vehicle is also a loud status symbol. Cosmetics are of course secondary to performance, yet many Americans neglect to have their vehicles serviced annually; this means that damage could be progressively done to your vehicle that has the potential to develop into costly repairs without maintenance.

Auto Body Shops Across America

With nearly 16,000 establishments across the U.S., the auto body shop industry is estimated to be valued at $880 billion annually. Having a trusted mechanic is essential to avoid costly repairs and unnecessary labor charges — always ensure that your mechanic is trustworthy and certified. Among the 50 states, Nebraska has the cheapest auto body shop repair costs while Arizona has the highest costs on average. Surveys of auto body shops found that 31% of their business is from vehicle crash part repair, 21% is from paint work, 15% from refinishing materials, 8% from repair materials, another 8% comes from mechanical parts, 7% from tools, 6% from capital equipment, and 4% for miscellaneous work. With so many certified auto body shops across America, chances are there is a trusted mechanic somewhere near you to perform repairs that enhance and alter your ride.

Windshield Repair and Maintenance

Considering the high speed nature of owning a vehicle, we can all be appreciative of the durability of windshield glass. Windshield glass has saved thousands of lives thanks to its shatter resistant design, so when one cracks it is best to get it repaired immediately. Statistically, windshields are the number one insurance claim across the U.S., amounting to 30% of auto insurance claims. Up to 80% of windshield replacement claims are for edge cracks, which are due primarily to residual stresses created during the annealing process by the manufacturer. There are many auto glass centers and services offering free window repair and replacement, but these often come with a catch as these unlicensed salesmen are trying to con one’s insurance with a subpar repair. Moreover, it is believed that those offering this free service will cause damage to a windshield before pointing it out to the vehicle owner to offer the “free” repair. Always ensure that you have your glass repairs done at a licensed auto glass repair shop to avoid increased insurance premiums from scam artists. Another benefit of a windshield repair shop is the option of tinted and colored glass; with a fresh paint job, vehicle owners can craft a customized look for any vehicle.

Fresh Paint Job

There are few things more noticeable about a vehicle than an inconsistent, scratched, or damaged paint job. Like the clothes we wear, a car’s paint job says a lot about the vehicle and the owner alike — this is even more true for those with a public image to maintain or for those looking to sell their vehicle. A new paint job can help to increase the appeal of a vehicle when you put it up for sale — this means that some consumers are glad to pay more for an updated and attractive automotive paint job. Innovations in automotive painting allows for paint jobs that retain their luster and shine for years, transforming any ride into something fresh and modern. The average cost for a single coat enamel paint job ranges from $300 to $900 with an average cost of $566; a mid level paint job with higher quality paint and additional preparation work such as the removal of dust and dents could range from $1,000 to $3,500 with an average cost of $1,316. For those who want to transform their ride into something they can be proud to own, consider contacting a licensed automotive paint shop in your area.

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