Live in a Midwest State? Why You Need Winter Tires

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Most people do not realize the importance of winter tires until they are driving along an icy road and are unable to get any traction. You probably pump the brakes a few times, finding that it just makes you slide even more. You may even find that you are unable to get over small piles of snow. Snow tires are extremely important in states that get many inches of snow. The biggest hurdle to purchasing snow tires is their cost. However, you can find discounted and alternative snow tire locations.

Auto dealership

If you purchased a vehicle from your local dealership, you may be able to get a great deal on a set of new snow tires. Consult with your dealership on the deal they can get you. Also, shop around before deciding that it is the best deal. The dealership is likely to have better connections than other shop, with the ability to pass the discounts onto you. They may be willing to give you a great deal, if you recently spent a lot of money there or you are a regular customer.

Tire shop

Tire shops carry all sizes, types, and brands of tires. They are usually able to give better deals, because they sell tires in such large inventories. In most cases, they can offer a great deal if you purchase a complete set of new winter tires. Purchasing a set is important anyways. Regardless whether you have all wheel drive, front wheel drive, or rear wheel drive, you must install all four winter tires, not just two. Otherwise, the burden of the difficult driving conditions is left on the two or so winter tires, often requiring premature retreading.

The tire shop may also carry a small inventory of used winter tires. Although used tires do not have as much treading, which is an important part of winter tires, they can usually have retreading services completed. The tire company may even offer retreading or may be able to refer you to a few preferred tire retreading companies. When you retread tires, you are improving the safety of the tires and their ability to handle snowy and icy road conditions.

Used car sales

Used tires for winter are better than no winter tires. If new tires from local tire companies are out of your budget, consider calling around to local used car sales companies. They may have vehicles that are not selling that are equipped with winter tires. They may be able to sell these tires to you for a discounted price. This is a long shot, as it requires matching your vehicle?s brand and model, but it is always a possibility.

Your insurance provider

Your insurance provider is unlikely to purchase you a brand new set of winter tires, however, they may lower your insurance premiums. Depending on your provider, you can save 5% off of your car insurance premium, simply for equipping your vehicle with four winter tires. Every little bit helps. Retreading services on your used winter tires, also combined with your premium decreases can make a new set of winter tires more affordable.

Proper maintenance

If you are unable to afford new winter tires, then be sure to take proper care of your existing tires. A tire that is properly maintained will be safer. Ensure that you have regular tire rotations and retreading, if needed. According to test results, hydroplaning starts at 76 km per hour (47 mph) when cornering on worn out tires (groove depth below 1.6 mm), whereas the corresponding speed for new tires is 96 km per hour (60 mph).

Many states experience drastic winters with dangerous driving conditions. These driving conditions can be even worse if you do not have the appropriate winter tires installed. Most people do not want to purchase two sets of tires for their vehicle. However, you will find many locations that offer discounted winter tires. If you are still unable to swing for new winter tires, ensure that your current tires are properly cared for.

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