Brush Up on Your Driving Skills with a Driver’s Education Class

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The United States currently has approximately 214 million licensed drivers. Most of these individuals probably drive their cars or other vehicles every day, so that’s quite a few vehicles on America’s roads and highways.

People obviously drive to a variety of destinations and for a variety of purposes. These include going to-and-from work, school, shopping, and other activities. While they may just be going a few miles to the mall or a favorite restaurant, on average, Americans drive about 29.2 miles every day.

Many people need or choose to commute for work. In these cases, they might be traveling longer distances and spend more time driving. In 2013 alone, for example, approximately 86% of people commuted to work.

When people live in small towns or in rural areas, they often need to drive longer distances and spend more time driving on an annual basis. Drivers that live in these areas tend to drive approximately 12,264 miles a year. When people live in medium-sized towns or cities, they tend to drive about 9,709 miles a year.

It’s interesting to note that people in the United States seem to drive less from January through March than during July through September. In the winter months, they tend to drive about 25.7 miles a day, while in the summer months, they tend to drive 30.6 miles a day. Weather conditions can make a difference in how often people choose to drive during the winter, of course, particularly in areas that experience heavy storms

Given all these hours on America’s roads, the importance of driving safely is a given. Traffic lessons come in many shapes and forms, including observations on what not to do.

It’s a good idea to take driving classes by enrolling in a drivers education course. When you want to learn to drive, these courses can provide a variety of traffic lessons and teach you how to drive defensively. They’re also beneficial to take when you move to a new area with different types of traffic conditions.

A recent survey showed that teenagers usually rely on their parents to teach them how to drive. Approximately 56% of the teenagers polled said that they relied on their parents. Even when parents are skilled and conscientious drivers, it’s still a good idea to take a drivers education course, however.

If you’ve just received your learner’s permit or have been driving a long time, it’s important to remember that drivers education is a continual process. In addition to encountering new or unfamiliar situations, new traffic laws or regulations may also come into being.

When thinking about the importance of traffic lessons, the basics include obeying all of the traffic laws, and making sure that you and your passengers always wear a seat belt.

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