What Is A Smog Test For A Car? Top Five Most Common Questions Car Owners Ask

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What is a smog test for a car? That’s a question many car owners find themselves asking once their annual service test starts rolling around. Getting your car serviced is more than just a formality in the grand scheme of things — it’s a necessity to save you money and keep everyone on the open road as safe as possible. Emissions and smog testing, among other factors, are key elements in maintaining a vehicle’s proverbial health and definitely shouldn’t be missed in the hazardous winter season. Not sure where to get started? You’re not alone. Below are the top five things you should know before visiting the repair shop.

What Is A Smog Test For A Car?

Let’s start off with the most popular question — just what is a smog test for a car and what should you be looking out for? Vehicle maintenance schedules vary quite a bit on how often air filters should be changed. The majority of Chevrolet engines, for starters, recommend you take a look every 45,000 miles or so. However, the Ford brand often has it done every 30,000 miles for its particular brand of engine.

How Common Is Vehicle Neglect?

Unfortunately, vehicle neglect happens a lot more than it should. It’s one of the most rampant car-related issues in the United States and costs the country over $2 billion in excess costs every year. With the average car on the road today at a record high of 11 and a half years old — with 260 million cars driving on a daily basis — keeping your car regularly serviced is an absolute must!

When Should I Replace My Tires?

Tires not working like they used to? You might just need to get them replaced. Tires should be inflated to recommended pressure levels as well as rotated every 6,000 miles or so to reduce excess wear and tear — a tire rotation that isn’t uniform can see one or two tires deflating faster than the others, impacting your driving and your safety at large! On a related note, make sure to double-check your brakes before getting into the driver’s seat. Brake pads need to be replaced after 30,000 miles, but it doesn’t hurt to double-check the owner’s manual.

What About Gas Mileage?

It never hurts to refresh on the basics. You can improve your gas mileage by an impressive 4% after a proper tune-up, though a serious repair job can see this number skyrocketing to nearly 40% — this includes, but isn’t limited to, fixing a faulty oxygen senor or replacing a component that’s starting to surpass its lifespan. Most spark plugs need to be switched out after 30,000 miles, but your brand may have different requirements.

Should I Service My Car Soon?

Visiting an auto repair shop will help immensely in saving you money in the long-term as well as keeping you and others safe while driving. A smog inspection can determine whether or not you need to replace your filters, while additional tests can see the quality of your vehicle enhanced — your paint can maintain its signature luster by having its wax replaced every six months, while your wiper blades can last up to a year if properly maintained. In the grand scheme of things, a happier car means a happier you!

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