Hose Clamp Types for Jobs Around the House

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There are several different hose clamp types. These hose clamps include worm gear clamps, screw clamps, spring clamps, and wire clamps. The simplest hose clamp types are the spring clamps. It is a strip of metal in the shape of a cylindrical spring with multiple protrusions. Screw clamps usually are used for hoses one half in diameter and up. Wire hose clamps are usually made up of a heavy piece of wire, and bent into a tight U shape.

The hose clamp was invented by former Royal Navy Commander Lumley Robinson in 1921. Hose clamps can come in a wide variety of sizes in order to meet the fastening needs for a hose of any size. Hose clamps are used most often as heavy duty zip ties or a replacement for duct tape. There are many different uses for hose clamp types. They include securing hoses in automotive systems and for clamping lines in household plumping.

Some issues you can have with different hose clamp types is stuck hoses. These should never be removed by cutting or slicing them. This can leave a scratch on the barb which can then lead to a leak. Without the proper size hose clamp and the proper quality, a hose seal can be at risk to leak gas, liquid, and other substances. These are serious issues because leaking gases or liquids can severely harm you if not kill you. When selecting the correct size for your clamp first measure the outside diameter of the item you are clamping with the fitting inside. Then when you are looking at the hose clamp types, make sure you pick the one where the outside diameter falls in between the minimum and maximum range of the clamp.

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