Get the Right Hose Clamps to Get the Job Done Right!

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No matter what project you are working on, having the right equipment is of the utmost importance. Before you dive into that home repair project, ask yourself what exactly do I need to get the job done right the first time? Answering that question early will help to guarantee smooth sailing for your home improvement project. This is especially true when it comes to choosing the right hose clamps.

Stainless hose clamps, invented in 1921 by Lumley Robinson, a former Royal Navy Commander, are used to hatch a hose to a fitting. Manufactured to ensure a tight seal between a hose and barb, heavy duty hose clamps come in a wide variety of materials and sizes. One often used clamp type is a spring clamp. These heavy duty hose clamps are usually made out of spring steel cut length-wise into strips with a protuberance at one end, while on the other side are two adjacent protrusions. Oftentimes, spring clamps are employed within tiny spaces when tightening larger heavy duty hose clamps would be difficult if not impossible. Thus, spring hose clamps are the large hose clamps best used to secure barb connections inside automotive engine bays or in PC water cooling radiators.

Ear clamps are another type of heavy duty hose clamp utilized within limited pressure home and vehicular applications. These heavy duty hose clamps have a narrow band, making them ideal for tamper resistant applications. Purposeful misshaping of the ear clamp is what makes it tamper resistant. The act of misshaping locks the heavy duty hose clamp into place, making it nearly impossible to separate and remove an ear clamp. The most tamper resistant ear clamps facilitate a 360 degree seal. Ear clamps are the best heavy duty hose clamp to use when working on molded plastics.

For the temporary repair of damaged pipes during an emergency, screw hose clamps work wonders. These heavy duty hose clamps are easy to install in a timely manner. Of course, they only work as a quick fix, necessitating further intervention. However, having screw clamps on hand can prevent significant water damage from burst pipes until a more permanent solution can be found.

Heavy duty hose clamps have served to revolutionize modern plumbing, home repair, and automotive technology. Choosing the correct heavy duty hose clamp for your project is an essential step in getting the job done. Once you have made the right decision, you can rest easy that your project will turn out well.

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