The Bus Throughout the Centuries

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Buses have been around for centuries — literally, commercial buses first appeared in the 1800s (although they looked quite different from modern day buses). But did you ever wonder how they became as popular and common as they are today? Here are a few fun facts about the progression of buses from their earliest days into modern times:

  • The first buses appeared as early as the 1820s in the form of horse-drawn vehicles which transported groups of passengers… which makes sense, since the word “bus” is just a shortened version of the Latin word “omnibus,” which means “for all.” Although arguably one of the least creative names this vehicle could have been given, it certainly makes the point of the vehicle known. People have been recognizing for hundreds of years that travelling together could be cheaper and smarter.

  • Horse-drawn buses led to steam-powered buses and electric trolley buses in the later 1800s, and both of these models eventually led to fuel-powered buses like the ones used in modern times (even though electric trolleys still abound in certain cities).

  • The oldest unchanged bus route in London appeared in 1910, and the yellow school bus appeared shortly after that in the 1930s.

  • Modern bus companies are now focused on making buses as economically-friendly as possible: many newer buses run on clean natural gas, electricity, or a hybrid of both; additionally, bus companies are working on researching more energy-efficient and cost-efficient ways of powering coach buses and charter buses to make sure that buses remain one of the most affordable ways to travel.

So if you’re planning a vacation in the near future, or you just need to get away for a few minutes, make sure to check out the different options offered by bus companies around the country. Many companies have impressive group rates and provide safe, professional drivers to get you to your destination — the funnest part of your trip might just be the travelling part! Read more articles like this:

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