Getting the Most Value Out of Your New Vehicle

Bedliner spray gun

Everyone has heard the phrase, a new vehicle loses 25% of its value, the moment you drive it off the lot. A new vehicle does lose a substantial amount of value after you purchase it. That is because it has gone from being considered brand new, to used, regardless of how many miles you actually put on it. It is now a preowned vehicle. However, there are things that a vehicle owner can do to reduce the wear and tear on the automobile, and sustain as much value as possible, thus increasing the resale value of it.

Limit the miles that you put on it. You do lose some value simply for putting any miles on a brand new vehicle, but the amount of miles does matter. People are willing to pay more for vehicles with lower miles. They are more likely to run for longer and to have fewer problems early on. You can limit the amount of miles that you put on your new vehicle by choosing to take other transportation on longer road trips and opting for public transportation when possible.

Have regular maintenance done on the parts of the vehicle. Regular maintenance ensures that all of the necessary parts of the vehicle are working. It checks for any vehicle engine or transmission problems, before they get any worse. It is often cheaper to fix a problem as it is going bad, rather than once it has broken down. Regular maintenance on a vehicle also looks good for the vehicle?s records.

Fix any aesthetic problems with the vehicle. One of the best parts of a new vehicle is that it looks new. The paint is new and there are no scratches or dings, something that is common in older vehicles. Accidents and incidents occur and cause minor physical wear to a vehicle. A truck, for example, that transports items is likely to have wear and tear to the truck bed. It is best to protect the truck from this wear and tear with a spray bedliner.

Having a spray bedliner is a great way to prolong the life of the vehicle?s truck bed. Some people may be hestiant to purchase a truck that has been used for work purposes, because of the wear and tear it puts onto the truck. However, with a bedliner spray gun and some cut tape, the bed liner is protected from this early wear and tear. The spray on bedliner protects the paint from chipping and peeling by acting as a sealant or coating.

Add protective covering to your vehicle. Chipped or peeling paint can drastically reduce the value of a vehicle. It does not matter if everything inside of the vehicle is in great working condition if the exterior is in poor condition. A spray bedliner that goes through a professional application process can help a vehicle to hold its value much longer. People will be more willing to pay for a truck that has a spray bedliner in it. Spray on truck bed liners come in two classes of material, and in two main types of application processes, aromatic and aliphatic compounds can be applied through a low pressure process (not heated) or high pressure process (heated).

The length of the bedliner generally does not matter for the spray bedliner process. It may affect the types of material needed for the process, such as the edge cutting tape size, but it should not make much of a difference. An 8 foot bed length is usually standard with short 5.5 foot of longer 6.5 beds also sold. For every eight new vehicles sold in the U.S. in 2013, one of them was a full size pickup truck. Of those pickup trucks sold, about 90% of them were built by Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors.

Taking exceptional care of your vehicle ensures that it holds its value much easier. If you purchased your vehicle brand new, it will already be difficult to gain enough value on what it is worth. However, if you follow these steps, you will be able to get the most value possible out of your vehicle.

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