How Does a Vinyl Wrap Get Applied? Secrets to a Good Vehicle Wrap

Wire tape

The vehicle vinyl wrap industry has really taken off in the past few years. New digital technologies and application tools have made the process more sophisticated than every before. However, it still takes a skilled and knowledgeable hand to perfectly apply a wrap. From air bubbles to misaligned edges, anything that could go wrong with a vinyl wrap installation probably will if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are a few secrets from the pros about how they manage to apply a perfect wrap job, every single time.

Measure Everything. Then Measure Again. Careful planning is perhaps the single most important piece of a successful vinyl wrap. You need to know the exact dimensions of every nook and cranny of a vehicle, right down to the sideview mirror placement and door handles. One small miscalculation could offset the entire wrap.

Vinyl Wrap Cut Tape. Ever wonder how those intricate wraps get such perfect edges without a scratch to the paint? Hardly anyone uses tools anymore. Instead, a special vinyl cut tape is applied beneath the design and then pulled up for a precision edge, without any need to trim by hand.

Turn Up the Heat. To get that vinyl to really stick in all the right places, you need to apply post-application heat to melt it on properly. A lot of DIYers skip this step, which is a big mistake. Without the heat application, your vinyl wrap might peel right off in the first wind or rainstorm it hits, which will ultimately end up costing you even more to replace.

Vinyl wraps are a cool and fun way to advertise your business, or just to have a little fun with the design of your vehicle. But putting on a wrap is no joke — it requires a lot of practice, experience, and know-how to get it done just right. If you’re thinking about getting a wrap, it’ll be worth the time and expense to have it installed by a professional to make sure it sticks and stays the way it should. As they say, that’s a wrap! For more information, read this website. For more, read this link.

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