5 Ways to Know if a Mechanic Shop is a Good One

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It’s important to keep getting your car serviced throughout the time that you own it. Basic auto repair on small things that need attention is just as important as the big things. Rotating your tires, getting oil changes and the like is almost crucial to making sure that your car lasts for a long time. IF you don’t do these things yourself, then you’ll want to make sure that you go to a quality automotive service center in order to have your car seen to. Here are a few tips for making sure that auto repair service center that you are going to is right for you.

Honest Workers
This is one of the most difficult things to find in an auto repair shop. Everyone needs to up sell. There’s a difference between trying to up sell and make a little more on the sale and being dishonest about your car to swindle your money out of you. If a shop tells you that there is something major wrong with your car when you are there for a simple oil change, take your car somewhere else for a second opinion. Don’t necessarily tell them that you are trying to get a second opinion, just let them know you are trying to keep up on your car maintenance and want to know if anything needs to be repaired. If they come up with the same problem, then you know the other place was being honest with you or not. Even a third opinion wouldn’t be terrible.

Good Prices
Now, keep in mind that good prices don’t always mean cheap prices. A quality automotive service center is not based solely on their low prices. You get what you pay for so if there is a place that has incredibly low prices, you might want to research them before going. They may use lower quality products or not have enough man power. A good price means a reasonable price compared to the surrounding mechanics.

Positive Reviews
If you think you may have found a good quality automotive service center, look it up online. Not on its own websites but on Yelp and Angie’s List and other places that allow for the public to write honest reviews. Keep in mind that there are people in the world you can’t be pleased and for some reason these people love to write negative reviews for pretty much every business they’ve ever visited. Having said that, a good business will have a majority of positive reviews and minimal negative reviews. If the scale tips in the other direction, you should take that as a red flag.

Lamen’s Terms
Look for a mechanic that will explain things to you in a way that you understand. Trying to tell you about your car using mechanical terms and shop jargon is not only annoying but dishonest. If a mechanic is trying to use these things to talk to you, be suspicious that he is trying to confuse you into getting more services done. It’s a sales technique of some shops. They figure if they can freak you out enough with their trigger words and shop talk, you’ll just hand over your wallet and keys.

Clean Facilities
This is crucial. If the waiting room and bathroom are unkempt and dirty, you can guarantee that the shop area is going to be exactly the same, if not worse. Don’t excuse it away saying that it’s a bunch of men working there. Or that everyone’s always covered in grease and car dirt. There should be an emphasis placed on cleanliness whether that requires hiring a professional cleaner or designating the desk workers to keep the place tidy.

You should look for a quality automotive service center before you need one. If you wait until it’s an emergency, you won’t have the chance to vet the places beforehand. It’s better to start off small and build up. For example, get oil changes or tire rotations done and if you like the place, go back for a transmission flush. Once you have done enough small things to give you a good feel for the place, then you’ll know where to go when an emergency does occur.

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