Drivers Ed is Important to Safe Driving

Drivers ed

Do you need to start looking for a good drivers ed program for your teenager? You are looking for a good program to cease the endless nagging from your teen to get his or her license. Or maybe you are looking for a program for yourself.

Drivers ed is important because it will provide the skills and knowledge to become a safe driver. Unfortunately, automotive crashes cost the United States about $230.6 billion dollars per year. This averages out to approximately $820 per person. Also, 36 percent of all teen deaths are caused by motor vehicle crashes. So you can see that understanding the rules of the road is very important.

Other interesting facts about cars that may not be covered in a drivers ed program or driving schools include that most American car horns beep in the musical key of F, and that the average car contains more than 3,000 feet of electrical wires. Interesting, yes?

The first high school drivers ed course goes back to 1924, and was offered at a high school in State College, Pennsylvania. Today nearly all American high schools offer some type of drivers ed course to help educate teens.

A drivers ed course will help a student understand the rules and regulations that can help him drive the roads and highways safely. Drivers ed classes generally combine classroom hours with real time road experience. This will allow new drivers to learn the rules, as well as how to operate a vehicle safely. These courses will also impress upon students the idea that they must maintain a safe mindset while driving. They probably do not need to worry about those thousands of feet of wiring, but they do need to understand how and when to brake, and how to maneuver the car safely.

Many parents think that they can teach their children how to drive. However, in the end most parents and kids end up frustrated. A good drivers ed course can take the emotion out of the drivers training so that your child can learn to drive properly. Sending your child to the best driving school, or enrolling them in the high school course will give you peace of mind.
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