Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Used Car

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Buying a brand new car is often viewed with much enthusiasm and excitement, while searching for used cars is sometimes looked at as a burden. But that simply shouldn’t be the case. Plenty of times, you can find a used car that runs just as well as a new one, though it might lack the flashy factory paint job. Before you get involved with either option, however, there are some basic, nuts-and-bolts questions to ask yourself.

Manual or automatic? Two-door or four-door? What’s your cap for number of miles accumulated? The best used cars are found all over the place — at dealerships, garages and even from private sellers. It pays to do your research first to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Before you pay for a used car, always check your local newspaper for car dealership specials where you can save some serious cash. A Honda, Chevrolet or Nissan car sale on pre-owned models might just be the answer to your used car search troubles. Of course, never buy something simply because it’s there. Look at the specifics, the mileage and figure out the payment options before you drive it home.

When you’re at the dealership, ask plenty of questions. Get as much information on the history of the car as you can, so you can know what to potentially expect from it in the future. You can always get a full history report yourself, in case dealerships don’t have a previous copy available.

A test drive is not just for the shiny new cars on the lot. Always take used cars out on the road, too, if possible. When you’re driving, listen for any rattling or squeaking sounds as they might be indicators of a serious problem under the hood or elsewhere. No matter if it’s a Ford, Dodge or Nissan car sale, always get all the facts before you pull it into your own driveway.

One of the best tools you can use for determining how to finance used cars is an online calculator. Type in your budget and allow the computer to determine what your best options are for paying for your car. If you can afford it, consider buying outright, as monthly payments can often be a drain on long-term plans — especially when you’re only buying a used auto.

It’s a labor of love, looking for a used car. You might find it at a Chrysler, Saturn or Nissan car sale. You might find it in the newspaper. You might even find it on Craigslist. No matter where you find your next used car, always ensure it’s the right one before you decide to pay for it. Read more here.

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