How Do You Get Your Car Purchased Online to Your House?

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Buying cars online is a popular choice for many people, as there are an estimated 15 million cars sold on the Internet annually. Shopping the web for a vehicle gives you the ability to compare prices instantly, find precisely what you’re looking for from amongst a seemingly infinite stock and never have to leave the comfort of your Snuggie. Yet, there is one predicament that follows buying a car online-how are you going to get it to you?

You could always take a bus, a train, or a plane out to Florida to pick up your awesome vintage Datsun, but then you’d have to drive it back, which would cost a minimum of $2,200 in gas, not to mention the incredible wear and tear it’d put on your new ride.

Or you could do like many people do, and take a page from the military, who uses vehicle shipping services frequently to move military grade vehicles. There are several cheap car shipping companies that can ship a car anywhere in the United States. They’re not a particularly well kept secret either, and in fact, are arguably the most popular way to ship a car. There’s no hard statistics to back that claim, but the freight industry does generate $5,000,000,000 annually in revenue, which implies that many people trust them to ship a car.

Reliable car information site Edmund’s offers some sagacious advice for those who want to ship a car. Namely, you can compare companies like when you were comparing cars online. There are sites that provide reviews, ratings and customer comments to let you know which company is the best to ship a car with, which is worst, and which offers the best deals.

You can also contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It can provide info on a shipper’s license and insurance record. Plus, you can find out whether any complaints have been made against the company. What’s more, the FMCSA has a hotline available to easily obtain all this info.

Having a car purchased online shipped to you is a much better choice than going out and picking it up yourself. If you have any questions about how to ship a car or any tips, feel free to ask in the comments! To see more, read this.

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