3 Incredible Benefits of Renting a Charter Bus for Your Group Transportation Needs

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If you’re looking for the ideal way to transport large groups of people in a comfortable but affordable manner, then look no further than a charter bus company. The advancements in the motorcoach industry are truly incredible, and a great charter bus company will have the perfect vehicle for your group to travel in style while limiting your carbon footprint.

There are tons of great advantages to utilizing a charter bus company for your group travel needs. Here are just a few of the many benefits of opting for this terrific way to travel:

    Charter buses have come a long way. The original concept for a bus was developed in the 1820s, when horse-drawn buses were first introduced. Since then, the transportation industry hasn’t looked back, and people have been reaping the benefits of group travel on buses for centuries. These days, the best charter buses offer climate control travel, Wi-Fi access, and a host of other great amenities.

    Eco-friendly. If you’re worried about the effect your charter bus will have on the environment, here is something you should know; charter buses are three times more efficient in reducing CO2 output than commuter rail trains, and six times more efficient than transit buses. As charter buses have become more widely used across the country, major advancements have been made to lessen the carbon footprint of these large vehicles, making them infinitely more eco-friendly than most other modes of group transportation.

    Great for all types of occasions. Charter bus rental is much cheaper than owning and maintaining a bus throughout the year, and they can accommodate all types of different groups and events. In fact, students and seniors accounted for 50.2% of charter bus trips in 2012, while adults and young adults made up 49.9% of charter bus users. These glaringly similar percentages indicate that there is no trip a charter bus can’t handle. From a preschool field trip to transporting a group of seniors to a golf outing, the possibilities are endless.

Consider renting a charter bus the next time you need quality group transportation. Your group will love the experience, and you can see for yourself how amazing charter buses really are.

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