A Few Reasons Why You Definitely Need To Take A Coach Bus on Your Next Trip

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Let’s just get this out there: it’s perfectly okay if you’re sitting at a computer and thinking “Erm, renting a bus? Sounds like a hassle. Sounds weird. Nope nope nope.” A lot of people think something around those lines when they first hear the suggestion to rent a bus from a charter bus rental service. But promise us that you’ll keep an open mind before totally deciding against renting a bus for your next group trip?

First, buses are super safe. Government data has shown that coach buses are actually some of the safest vehicles out on the road today. Think about it — the bus company provides you group with a professional driver, so you never have to worry about accidentally falling asleep at the wheel (hey, it happens more often than people realize) or getting record high levels of road rage during rush hour traffic.

Second, buses are incredibly affordable. Planes are pretty convenient, but they’re also pretty darn expensive. Yeah, you kinda have to take a plane if you plan on flying halfway around the world, but if you just need to travel through a state or two, spending hundreds of dollars per ticket is the opposite of convenient. With a coach bus rental, you never have to worry about saving up some extra money for those “just in case emergency” situations. You always know how much you’ll have to pay before you leave, and you won’t have to worry about maintenance fees or extra gas money.

Third, modern coach buses are comfortable. Stop thinking about how much you disliked the smelly yellow school bus you took to school every day, because we know you’re thinking about that bus but seriously, modern buses could not be more different. Many charter buses have facilities like on-board bathrooms, reclining seats, and wi-fi connections. When you finally get through the entire “99 Bottles” song and don’t know what else to do, you can just flip on a movie in the entertainment system.

It’s okay if you’re still not totally sure about renting a bus, but just keep the option in mind when you’re planning your next trip! There are so many options and so many services to choose from that you’re sure to find the perfect service.

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