How Automotive Paint Protection Film Could Be Your Vehicle’s Best Investment

Vehicle wrap

Without the sun, we as a species wouldn’t have gotten very far at all. Coincidentally, the sun is a menace when it comes to cars, as paint fades and chips; not to mention when the sun gets in your eyes while driving. Protect yourself and your ride from the sun’s harmful rays with these simple vehicle modifications to help your car look and feel better.

Tint Your Windows
Window tinting not only offer drivers an extra degree of privacy, but some designs are even able to help block up to 99.9% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Although standard car windshields are treated to help filter out UV rays, the side windows can let up to 63% of the sun’s UVA radiation into the vehicle. A study that filtered UV light through UV-absorbing glass found that there was up to a 93% reduction in skin cell death on exposed skin. A car window tinting service can also install models that help to keep your vehicle up to 60% cooler on hot days.

Protect Your Paintjob
Paintjobs are expensive and all too easy to mess up. Why not give your vehicle an extra level of protection with a coat of automotive paint protection film. The automotive paint protection film, or clear bra, takes anywhere from one to four hours to install depending on the size of your vehicle. If properly installed, a clear bra can last from seven to 10 years and protect your paint from scratching, chipping, and messes. Although the film will need to be reapplied once it has finally worn off, there is no doubt that a coat of automotive paint protection film is far cheaper than a whole new paintjob. Call your auto dealer or local body shop and ask about their paint protection products for more information.

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