Your Car is Filthy — How Auto Mats Can Help

Auto carpets

Cars are fantastic. They give a sense of mobility and independence and they make commutes much easier, whether it’s to work, home, or errand-running. Americans spend, on average, almost 90 minutes (about an hour and a half) in their cars every day. Unfortunately, the world — and the roads in particular — aren’t the cleanest of places. For example did you know…

  • Cars have over 17,000 times more bacteria than homes?
  • The inside of your car might be anywhere from two to 10 times more polluted than a freeway breeze?
  • The trunk of your car (where groceries normally go) contain about 850 bacteria?
  • 700 different kinds of bacteria can be found in cars, compared to only 60 types found in the average public toilet.
  • On average, only 9% of adults without children clean their car interiors on a weekly basis. Only 16% Adults with children clean their car interiors weekly.

So what can be done to cut down on the bacteria in cars? If your car is dirty — especially visibly so — it could seriously hurt your resell value, and possibly even your health. Cleaning the interior of a car takes a lot of time and can be an in-depth and difficult process. This is where auto mats come in handy.

What are auto mats, and how can they help?

Also known as auto carpets or car flooring, auto mats are incredibly useful for keeping the floors and trunks of automobiles clean and as bacteria-free as possible. Although some can be locked in place with fixation points, car carpets can typically be easily removed to make cleaning easier. This is especially useful in cars that often carry children, or if you’re one of the 70% of drivers that eats or drinks in your car. Trunk mats are also incredibly handy for keeping bacteria away from groceries, especially if you also store objects like work tools or dirty shoes in your trunk. Floor mats are also known to last a long time. Typically, you’ll only need to get a replacement carpet after 10 years or, in some cases, even longer. Custom carpets can also be made to fit your specific vehicle, no matter the make model, or even year — carpets can be made for vehicles dating back all the way to the mid-1940s.
Roads are a filthy place, and they make our cars filthy too. Bacteria runs rampant, and cleaning vehicles takes a huge amount of time. Auto mats help cut down on cleaning time, which reduces automobile bacteria tremendously.

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