Steel Versus Rubber When it Comes to Snow Plows

Heavy duty snow plows

If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow then you will be familiar with a rubber edge snow plow. Heavy duty snow plows are the recommended machine for various jobs. A rubber edge snow plow removes hard pack snow similar to steel snow pushers but without causing any damage to the streets or anything that it hits. When considering snow plows one of the first things that you should consider is the cutting. The cutting edge on the blade can really make a difference on how your snow plow performs. Typically the main types of cutting edges that are used on blades are polyurethane or rubber and steel. Both of these options have pros and cons depending on the type of job they’re being used for. Let’s take a closer look at each type of blade to determine what would be more beneficial for your business.

Rubber Edge Snow Plow
A lot of plowing contract may not even allow the steel cutting edge and so if that is all you offer going to be limiting your business severely. The problem with steel edges that a lot of places have is that they have the ability to wear down protectant on driveways and damage landscaping. Another good thing about a urethane cutting edge is that it is quiet. This is pretty attractive considering that most snowplowing is done in the early morning before traffic starts up. Your drivers will also appreciate the fact that a rubber edge will decrease the vibration that is felt in the cab of the plow because the contact with the ground surface is cushioned by the rubber. If you want to keep the base layer of snow on the ground, rubber will actually glide over frozen gravel to achieve this. In fact, rubber is actually best used on fresh snow because it can create almost a squeegee effect in order to do it’s job right. Lastly, using a rubber edge snow plow will reduce the impact on obstacles. Many times obstacles are hidden in the snow but the rubber edge softens the blow to the obstacle as well as to your equipment.

Steel Edge Snow Plow
Steel is tough and rigid which can be a good thing and a bad thing. This means that the blade will last a very long time and not need to be replaced as often as rubber which will save you a lot of money. Steel is also better looking than rubber. It just looks like it can get the job done. This is what you want to use if there is hard packed snow or ice. The type of material that steel is lets the machine scrape away any ice and snow so that there is nothing left on the ground. If you have a contract with someone who does not want to base layer of snow and wants the way completely clear than steel is what you want to use. However, as mentioned before, steel can be rough on obstacles as well as sidewalks and driveways and roads. Well the blade itself may last a long time, constant use of a steel blade snow plow could cause early wear and tear on the ground.

Both types of blades have their place and can be used effectively depending on the type of snow that needs to be cleared. In order to run a well rounded business you will want to have the type of plow that can swap out the edges. This way you can offer to clear away all kinds of snow and ice and not have to turn down any business. More and more often people are adding snowplows to the front of their cars and trucks in order to be able to plow snow themselves. This is why you want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to blades because a regular resident will not know the benefits of each kind. Your abilities need to stand out from the regular 4 x 4 with a snow pusher attached to the front of it. Being able to offer all services is important to keep in your business running effectively.

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