X Tips to Increase Your Used Dirtbike Sales

Here are the top 10 tips to help you increase used dirtbike sales.

1. Showroom Clean Dirtbike

When we say the bikes should be clean, it also includes taking off parts of the bike. Take everything off the bike and wash everything using a fine-tooth comb.

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2. Pictures in Great Lighting

There’s nothing more important than letting others witness dirtbikes that are well-lit, high-resolution photos. Make sure you take pictures of your clean bike, clean background, and great lighting.

3. Advertise

Of course, you have to advertise it to get increased dirtbike sales. Let your friends know and your network that you are selling your bike.

4. Online Sources Listing

Online is always a great platform to list your item, and it’s going to be helpful if you want to increase dirtbike sales.

5. Don’t Increase the Bike’s Value

All aftermarket parts should not be increased because parts don’t make dirtbikes more valuable.

6. Be Detailed and Honest

To establish credibility with buyers, you have to be honest and detailed about the current state of the dirtbikes you’re selling.

7. Don’t Over Negotiate

Avoid too much negotiation, most especially if it’s through text messaging. Invite them to come and see it themselves, so they will know the kind of deal you offer.

8. Timing

You should know when to advertise or list your bike, especially before riding season begins.


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