Why Chevy Is The Right Choice For College Students

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It’s summer, which means that if you’re anything like most American college students, you’re using the break from school to rack up hours at the summer job. This respite from the classroom grind and some disposable income might have you thinking about retiring your mom’s 1986 Volvo Station Wagon with the wood paneling for a new set of wheels. If this is the case, we strongly recommend that you visit one of your local Chevy dealers for the following reasons:

Whether you visit a new Chevy dealer or one of the many respectable used Chevy dealers in your area, the salesperson is bound to tell you all about Chevrolet’s long and proud history. Since its founding in 1912, Chevy has produced over 200 million vehicles that service drivers across two thirds of planet earth. That’s over 100 years experience and an astoundingly dominant market presence, which is particularly impressive considering the crisis that faced the automotive industry in 2008. Which brings us to Chevy’s second selling point…

2.Domestically Made

Chevrolet was founded in Detroit, Michigan and continues to operate 100% out of the U.S. Chevy is more than a household name; it’s a cultural institution. Most of the local Chevy dealers in your area (and heck, probably even some of the Subaru dealers) can probably quote one of the 1,000 songs to mention Chevy. The one that comes to our minds of course is “American Pie,” which much like Chevrolet is a well known classic still going strong despite it being more than a quarter century old.


You on the other hand don’t have to be over a quarter century old to consider visiting even one of the new Chevy dealers. That’s because Chevrolet offers incredibly reasonable financing options for many of its new models, including a college student discount that adds up to well over $1,500. Local Chevy dealers understand that matriculating students are responsible and thus low investment risks. Many offer low APR and monthly payments to help make a new Chevy possible for young adults.

4.Environmental Consciousness

Chevrolet doesn’t just want to leave young people with better cars. Chevrolet is committed to leaving young people with a better world, and to this end has invested over 40 million dollars in reducing Chevy’s carbon footprint worldwide. One of their initiatives, the Campus Clean Energy Campaign, uses US campuses as its base of operations and involves safely retiring carbon emissions without spurting them into the atmosphere while also appropriating more capital to invest in electric car research.

If you’re a college student in the market for a car, Chevy is a smart, safe choice that’s good for your conscience, your wallet, and your country. It’s a triple win–so get in that Volvo for the last time and make the change.

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