5 Facts That’ll Change the Way You Look at Subaru and Chevy

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Most everyone is familiar with Subaru and Chevrolet, divisions of two of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. Seldom are car dealers not equipped with a nice offering of Subaru and Chevy trucks and cars for sale. You may know Chevy and Subaru car dealers and vehicles, but here are some interesting facts about the companies you aren’t likely to find at your local new and used car dealerships:

5 things you didn’t know about Subaru:

  1. It’s Japanese. Everyone knows we have the Japanese to thank for many of our automotive giants today, but did you know Subaru is one of them? Subaru represents the automotive division of Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), a Japanese multinational transpiration conglomerate known for its work in aerospace and ground transportation. FHI was the 26th largest automotive manufacturer in 2011, based on production. While Subaru may not be the largest automobile brand on the road, Subaru car dealers know one thing for certain: Subaru owners love their cars. According to Experian Automotive, Subaru is the car brand with the most loyal customer following. Go Subaru, and you may never go back.
  2. Subaru is the name for the Pleiades star cluster in Japanese. The Pleiades is also known as Seven Sisters. Like the union of the stars that create Pleiades, Subaru is so named to represent the merging of the six companies that originally created FHI. Incidentally, this is also how Subaru got its star-inspired logo.
  3. It came to America in 1968. FHI has its roots as The Aircraft Research Laboratory begun in 1915, but Subaru didn’t cross the Pacific until 1968, when Subaru of America established its first U.S. location in Philadelphia, PA.
  4. The first Subaru was manufactured in 1954. They called it the Subaru 1500.
  5. Subaru loves the environment and the environment loves Subaru. Subaru was America’s first Zero-Landfill automotive manufacturer. Since then, Subaru has continued their environmentally-friendly initiatives with their National Park Zero-Landfill initiative and use of highly recyclable materials, earning a 97.3% recycling ratio rate for their end-of-life vehicles.

There they are: five new facts about Subaru. Next time you stop by one of the many Subaru car dealers around the nation, you might take the time to regale them with your new knowledge of this astronomical, environmental company. Now onto Chevrolet.

5 things you didn’t know about Chevrolet:

    Chevy’s been sung about over 1,000 times. Next time you’re listening to Jay Z, Kid Rock or Mariah Carey, pay extra attention to their lyrics; you may be surprised to hear one of the most famous auto brands making a guest appearance.

  1. Line up all of the Chevrolet’s purchased since 2010 bumper-to-bumper, and you’ll have a line of cars long enough to span half the globe. Chevy has made over 200 million vehicles since 1912. More than 4.76 million Chevy’s were sold in 2011 alone.
  2. Every 6.5 seconds a Chevrolet is sold somewhere in the world. Hear that? There goes another one. By the time you finish reading this article, 18 Chevy cars or trucks could have left Chevy car dealerships around the world.
  3. Chevrolet cars and trucks are driven in 2/3 of the world. And here you thought they were just an American thing. Think again! With their worldwide presence, it’s no wonder they can sell a car every 6.5 seconds. Next time you find yourself on the other side of the ocean, keep your eyes out for a new Chevy dealer along the road.
  4. Chevy’s bow tie emblem had its debut in 1913. There is still some debate about how this emblem came to be, from French wallpaper to a newspaper ad or even the Swiss flag, but one fact stands true: its first appearance was 1913. Chevrolet itself was founded in 1911 when road racer Louis Chevrolet General Motors founder William C. Durant teamed up to create the company.

Now you know five (or more) things about Chevrolet and Subaru you probably didn’t know before. Whether it inspires you to visit one of the new Chevy dealers across the globe or to find Subaru car dealers in your area, we hope you found the learning an enjoyable experience. Who knows, maybe it’ll change the way you look at these two prominent behemoths of the auto industry.

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