When You Need New Tractor or Combine Tires

The work on a farm used to be relegated to horses and oxen who would drag along plows, but that labor has long since been mechanized. Ever since the 1910s in the United States, tractors and combines have been hard at work plowing and tilling American farms and fields, and they represent a a large market for farm machinery today. They are distinct from “vehicles,” in the sense that they don’t operate well on roads. No farmer would commute with their tractor on the highway, for example, so tractors and combine are more broadly categorized as equipment or machinery instead. They are limited in where they may drive and operate, but they are highly effective in those areas of expertise. Naturally, any owner will need to effect repairs or replacement of these machines as needed, and this includes combine tires, tractor tire supplies, rims for sale, and more. A farmer can find used tractor tires and rims for sale from wholesale markets, and these used tractor tires and rims for sale may be found either online or at a local repair and supply shop. These used tractor tires and rims for sale are part of the overall rubber and tire market, and such used tractor tires and rims for sale may vary by brand and model but are all built for the same tough job.

On Tractors and Combines

Tractors are not as common as cars or pickup trucks, but there are plenty of them in operation and belong to some three million American farmers. How much as this industry grown in the past century? Back in 1916, for example, some 20,000 tractors were sold across the United States. These were large, bulky and heavy steam-powered models, and would fall short of today’s farming demands if used now. But farm equipment was undergoing constant innovation and growth, and by 1935, many more tractors sold across the United States, nearly one million of them. The industry kept growing and new and popular tractor and combine brands emerged to form the robust industry known today. Such machines are not using ordinary care tires, however; they are driving on tough, specialized wheels and tires designed for many hours of travel over rugged terrain. This, in turn, has created a healthy market of used tractor tires and rims for sale, and interested farmers can buy whatever they need.

New and Used Tractor Tires and Rims for Sale
Farmers today can make use of different brands for used tractor tires and rims for sale, and they have plenty to choose from. Right now, Firestone has a large share of this market, and brands such as Firestone invest not only in car or ATV tires but those for farm equipment as well. According to Modern Tire Dealer, Firestone currently has a 22% market share of the American farm tire market for small farm replacement tires. Modern Tire Dealer has also shown that Goodyear has a sizeable share of this market on its own, having a 15.5% market share in small farm replacement tires for American farmers. Statistic Brain, meanwhile, has shown that farming tires add up to $502 million in the tire and rubber industry in the United States today, even more than that of off-road tires ($401 million). In 2017 in the United States, replacement farm tire sales totaled an impressive $535 million or so.

Such tires take some work to replace, however. When a farm machine’s tires get worn out or damaged, or otherwise cannot work well, a farmer may want to tow that machine to a nearby repair shop for new tires to be fitted on. But even in the best or circumstances, combines and tractors are awkward to drive on roads or highways, so trailers are used. In fact, many tractors and combines are sold as package deals; that is, sold together with a trailer whose size and weight tolerance match the tractor or combine. The affected vehicle may be placed on that trailer, and a sufficiently powerful truck, such as a large pickup truck, can deliver it to a nearby repair shop for work. Such trailers may be a fine investment for this very purpose.

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