IF/VF Tires What Are They and Why You Should Have Them

With more than 3 million farmers across the United States, far equipment such as tractors are in heavy demand to take care of all of the land. Where there are so many tractors it means that the amount of tractor tires are also of great need. What should you know when replacing the tires on your tractor? What are the specifics that you should be looking out for to take better care of your large far equipment? Are there some tires that are better than others? Are used tractor tires ever the right way to go? With so many questions being asked about tractor tires it can be hard to decipher which are the important things and which things you should go on without listening to. Take a look at the basics before going out and buying your replacement tires.

What are IF/VF tires?

IF tires are made bigger loads than your normal standard tires. They have a 20% lower inflation rate than most other tires including standard and normal tires. These IF tractor tires are made to withstand heavy pressure and provide you with the best possible outcome for all of your hard work. VF tires on the other hand have the same capabilities but instead have a 40% difference to standard tires. In fact, majority of manufactures now off these types of tire technologies with their replacement products.

What are deep tread tractor tires?

Deep tread tractor tires are tires that have an extra deep pattern in the center for wet traction. This tread in the deep tread tractor tires is 25% deeper than most other tractor tires. Considering that Firestone owns 22% of the market shares for tires within the United States, they must have some clue over what they are talking about with these deep tread tractor tires.

Are used tractor tires for sale really a good idea?

Depending on the condition of the tractor these tires have previously been used on and why it is no longer in movement, these tires can be an easy way for you to save money instead of buying your tires brand new. Using your judgment when buying new or used tires is the most important part of making your purchases. In many cases, used tires for sale will work out just as well as buying a brand new set of wheels.

The farming industry takes about $535 million dollar in the replacement of tires industry. They are one of the leading industries that need replacement tires every year. If you own a tractor and are unsure of what to do about getting new tires or changing some of your tires than seek out help in replacing your tires and learning which ones are the best for you and your farm. Being sure that your tractor tires are up to date can save you the hassle of something going wrong within your farm and business.

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