What Type of Car Window Tinting Should You Get?

Tinted windows add both privacy and a cool aesthetic to a vehicle. If you’re considering this car modification, you may be wondering which type of car window tinting you should get. Here’s what you should take into consideration.

50% tint is popular with many car owners because it’s legal in most places. However, it doesn’t have as striking of an effect as many people would like.

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The next three levels of tinting are 35%, 20%, and 5%. The lower the percentage of a tint is, the more opaque a car’s windows will be. That means that 35% tint is slightly darker than 50% tint, 20% tint is slightly darker than 35% tint, and 5% tint is the darkest of all.

Many car owners will want to choose 5% tint because it adds the most privacy and visual appeal to a vehicle. However, it’s important to take legality into consideration. Even tints as light as 35% are illegal in many areas, and while a police officer probably won’t pull you over for a tint that’s slightly too dark, going for an extremely dark option is likely to get you into legal trouble.

To ensure that your car window tinting is completely legal, have it installed professionally. This will ensure that you don’t get pulled over because of your windows.


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