The Best Ways To Lubricate Your Garage Doors

Is there anything more annoying and worse than a noisy garage door? It’s a pesky issue that lots of homeowners deal with. But what your garage doors need is really just a little bit of lubrication. Let’s take a look at the best ways to lubricate your garage door.

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The first thought many homeowners would have when it comes to lubrication would be to use WD40 or oil. The issue is, these won’t exactly solve your problem because they are degreasers, which will actively achieve the OPPOSITE effect of what you want.

Instead, you’ll want to use lithium-based grease. A lithium-based grease will produce a thick coat that won’t drip like other oil-based products. If the oil is runny, it can cause damage to your door and the other properties holding it intact.

You’ll also want to focus on lubricating all moving parts of your door. Make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies for maximum lubrication.

Overall, it’s very important to keep your garage door nice and lubricated. It won’t make any noise, plus it will increase the lifespan of your door. For more information on garage door lubrication, check out the video on this page.


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