What is a Wheel Repair?

There are many things on the road that can damage your wheels. Luckily, professionals are able to perform most wheel repairs without needing a replacement. Keep reading to learn how common types of wheel damage are repaired.

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Pothole damage is common, especially in the northeast. When pothole damage occurs, the wheel is bent on the inside lip and usually can’t be seen. For this type of wheel repair, the wheel is put on a straightening machine which slowly presses out the wheel. When it is within twenty thousands of an inch or a perfect circle, it is remounted and balanced. Now your car will drive down the road like new again without vibrations.

No wheel repairs, but especially not pothole damage, are DIY. What most people do to try to correct this type of damage is hit the wheel with a hammer. This only causes more damage to the wheel because aluminum does not like being hit with a sharp blow.

Another common type of damage is scratching or scuffing on the wheel, usually caused by parallel parking. This can also be repaired by a professional. They can smooth out the damage and then powder coat the wheel back to the original color.

To learn more about wheel repair, watch the video above!


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