What Are Bushings?

There are many different kinds of bushings. Graphite bushings, fiber bushing material, high temperature bushings, and elastomer bushings are all common types of bushings.

Elastomer bushings are good for minimizing noise, vibrations, and harshness between 2 connected parts. Rather than connecting directly, car and truck suspensions often use rubber control arm bushings to isolate vibrations from the chassis.

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Bushings are composed of three parts, the outer shell, the inner sleeve, and an elastomer, like rubber to allow relative motion between two parts.

Once the bushing is on, you want to make sure you tighten it properly. To properly tighten the bushing, the vehicle should sit with its weight on the tires so the bushing is in its natural state, to minimize stressing the bushing.

Whether you need a carbon bush bearing, graphite bushings, or elastomer bushing, always consult and buy from a manufacturer. As of May 2021, the manufacturing industry employs 12.3M people, so they are capable and dependable to provide the best quality bushings.

There is much more to know about bushings than what is above. To learn more about bushings, watch the video above!


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