Truck Drivers Some Things You Need To Know About Tie Downs

In the United States, Dodge Ram pickup trucks are extremely popular; it’s an American classic. In actuality, pickup trucks (in its many forms and brands) outsold cars five years in a row. To add to that, 18% of all vehicles in America are pickup trucks. So, as these trucks are gaining popularity, it’s only fair to say that this number will continue to increase year by year. What’s so special about these trucks? Well, truck drivers around the United States, your trucks are not only used so you can drive from place to place! Your pickup trucks can carry various form of cargo! As a truck driver, you probably use your truck’s bed to transport cargo occasionally. If this is true for you, here’s what you need to know about dodge ram tie downs and other forms of tie downs.

Retractable Tie Downs

Let’s begin with other tie downs for your Dodge Ram truck. In order to haul cargo safely your pickup should be fitted with quality tie-down anchors. It’s important to note that there are two forms of tie downs. The first type is fitted, and the second type is retractable. Ultimately it’s your choice when it comes to tie downs. If you wanted, you could try both types, because tie-downs can be easily fitted to your truck. Additionally, they are easily removed, so you can change them as much or as little as you like. However, there are definite benefits to purchasing and using retractable tie downs.

What are tie down anchors? By definition, tie down anchors fit into to the stake pocket holes in your trucks bedrail. For some trucks, tie down anchors can be fitted into your truck’s bed wall. Tie downs essentially create an anchor point. This point is usually a stainless steel ring, for attaching rope, tie-down strap s-hooks or other fastening devices. The stainless steel rings are located at the top of the side rails, ready for use at any given time. However, because they’re fixed in place, they can be vulnerable to possible forms of various damage. In addition, sometimes these fitted anchors can be a painful annoyance when working in and around your truck. This is where retractable tie downs come in handy! Retractable stainless steel rings retract into the baseplate to lie flush with the top of the side rails. This keeps them safe and out of the way of any damage! These tie downs are strong, reliable, and durable!

Aside from preventing damage, not getting in the way, and being strong and durable- there are some obvious benefits of using retractable tie downs. First, most retractable tie downs, have a high breaking strength. Most anchor points are set at 1,000 lb. capacity each. This means that they can handle heavy duty cargo before breaking. Lastly, you can move the position of your tie downs depending on if you’re carrying heavy cargo or if you’re using your truck for leisure purposes! It’s a win-win! There are bull ring tie downs for trucks that you can buy!

Pop Up Tie Downs

Pop up tie downs are another product you can purchase to carry cargo on your truck. Pop up tie downs also have various benefits. You can pull these tie downs up manually when you need to use them. They simply pop right up! All you have to do is push a button. They are also easy to install. In fact, you can install them in a matter of minutes. If you do not need to use them, and choose to use your truck for leisure purposes, you can mount the flush to the bed rails. Pop up tie downs fit virtually all pickup trucks with stake pocket holes. They definitely come in handy when you need to secure all your cargo!

Dodge Ram Tie Downs

Dodge Ram tie downs come in many different forms with many different names and purposes. Dodge Ram tie downs are essentially used for that type of truck. Essentially, dodge ram tie downs are fitted to these pickup trucks. If you have a Dodge Ram truck, research Dodge Ram tie downs that are ideal for your job.

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