Three Top Reasons to Buy a Hybrid

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Hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular these days. More than two million hybrids were sold in one year in the United States alone. There are more than just hipsters buying these cars, and for more reasons than just because they’re trendy. Here are a few of the most common reasons that people buy hybrid cars, and why you might want to pick one up for yourself.

They’re good for the environment
Whether or not a car is good for the environment probably is not the first thing on your list of must haves for a new car, but this is still a pretty sweet incentive. Because hybrid cars don’t just run from a gasoline power source, they release a lot less emissions that are harmful to the environment.

They get great fuel economy
There are two types of batteries in hybrid cars. One is the battery that you would typically find in any traditional internal combustion vehicle, and the other is the electric battery. The batteries in hybrid cars allow the car to run from a different source than gasoline, which is why hybrid fuel economy is so impressive. Here’s the catch: though a hybrid battery warranty is typically eight years or 100,000 miles, the battery doesn’t always last even that long.

Save on car insurance and taxes
You’ll save a lot of money on fuel as a hybrid car owner, but you’ll also be able to save in car insurance and taxes. Since studies show that hybrid owners are less likely to be involved in car accidents, many insurance companies offer discounts to hybrid drivers. In the United States, drivers can save up to $3,400 dollars in taxes as well.

Though the failure of the hybrid battery (which is notoriously expensive to replace) can be a source of anxiety for a hybrid owner, the savings you’ll find on fuel, insurance, and taxes will likely more than make up for what you’ll spend on hybrid battery replacement. Research more here.

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