Three Tips for Transporting an Antique Car

International auto transport

It’s fairly common to hear people explain that they’d rather buy a new car when they move across the country, rather than having their current car shipped; with the price of oil these days, and with so much stress regarding a big move, it’s understandable that choosing to forego the car shipping process would be easier for some people. But when it comes to classic and antique cars, you’re less likely to simply sell your current car and buy another one if you move.

You want to know that you can ship your car with a dependable car company that is experienced with moving expensive and antique cars. So with that in mind, here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. This kind of goes without saying, but finding a company that specializes in shipping antique cars should definitely be a top priority. These car shipping companies will have extra tools and moving equipment that provide extra security measures, they’re more likely to have extensive insurance policies that cover even the tiniest damages, and they’ll be more aware that your car needs to be handled with extra care.
  2. Even if you can’t find a car shipping service with specific antique car transport services, you can still choose transport options that provide some extra security for your car. Choosing a closed carrier rather than an open carrier is a good choice, especially if you know that there might be some bad weather along the way. For really special cars, you can choose to have your car shipped by itself and in a closed carrier.
  3. And finally, although this is a step that anyone should take when transporting any type of car, make sure that you have reliable insurance policies in place (and don’t be scared to get a more inclusive policy than what the car shipping company offers as its standard insurance plan), and make sure that the company has completed a thorough inspection of the car, so that if damages do occur along the way, the shipping company will be held responsible.

Now we’re turning the conversation over to you — if you’ve transported antique cars before, what vehicle shipping tips would you suggest? Be sure to share your insights in the comments section!


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