Closed Carriers vs Open Carriers — Which One To Choose When Shipping a Car

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If you’ve never shipped a car before, the process can seem pretty stressful simply because there are so many car shipping companies and carrier services to choose from. There are plenty of specialized car transport services for things like antique car transporting and international car shipping, and if you have specific requirements for a shipping company, then it’s much easier to figure out which one to use. But for the average person looking to ship a car, it can get overwhelming pretty quickly.

The most common question people have is whether they should ship their car on an open carrier or a closed carrier. So without further ado…

Open carriers are definitely the most common choice, mostly because they tend to be cheaper than closed carriers. If you aren’t concerned that bad weather might harm the exterior of your car, or if you aren’t moving you car across a long distance, or if you just don’t have the money to spend on a more expensive service — then open carriers are just fine. You’re always able to purchase insurance too, if you’re worried that your car might be damaged in an open carrier, and as long as you pick a dependable and trustworthy shipping company, the movers will still make sure to treat your car carefully.

Closed carriers are a better choice if you’re moving a very expensive car or if you know that it’ll be moving through regions with bad weather. With closed carriers, you still have the option to choose multi-car carriers or single-car carriers (and predictably, single-car carriers are a bit more expensive, but are definitely worth it if you’re moving a valuable or sentimental car).

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