The Right Auto Parts for Your Mercedes-Benz

The auto industry is a truly vast one, and nations such as the United States, Germany, and Japan are known for designing and building some of the world’s favorite cars. American plants often make Ford, Chevy, and Dodge cars, and Japan is home to Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi, others. Germany, meanwhile, can claim Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz as its own. While there isn’t an overall “best” car brand (different customers have different tastes and needs), it can be safely said that Mercedes-Benz has a strong market value. This old but venerated German brand is known for its luxury cars, and the brand has enjoyed some strong sales in the last decade or so. Not only can car buyers consider getting a Mercedes-Benz, but they should also pay attention to the wholesale auto parts sector.

Mercedes Benz as a Brand

This luxury car brand has seen some strong years recently. In fact, all the way back in 1886, Karl Benz patented a three-wheeled, gas-powered Motorwagen, an early progenitor of this brand. By now, Mercedes-Benz is a global luxury car name, and in 2018, this brand increased its global sales by 0.9% to reach 2,310,185 cars. This made for the eighth year in a row of Mercedes-Benz leading the world’s premium car brand market. In the next year, this brand had an estimated value of $23.36 billion, quite a sum. A car buyer can find new and used Mercedes-Benz cars at auto dealers, but also find them from secondary sellers. A buyer is urged to look over a used car before purchasing it, and note all of its repair and upkeep needs. If the car’s outstanding maintenance issues aren’t too serious, then the car may be worth the discount price, and the new owner can find auto parts from online catalogs and local auto shops to fix it right up.

Aftermarket Mercedes Parts

The owner of a Mercedes-Benz can choose to get either aftermarket auto parts, or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts for their vehicle. The difference is that aftermarket auto parts are not from the car’s original manufacturer, and they may vary in quality somewhat. Fortunately, many of them are as good as the original parts or even better, and a majority of auto parts shops stock them. They tend to be a little less expensive than OEM parts, too (prices vary). So, they are easy to find, and may come in a huge variety. A Mercedes-Benz owner can take their vehicle to the shop and ask for some aftermarket auto parts recommendations.

Be aware, though, that some car owners may be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of options, and have trouble finding the right one. Or, they might end up getting a low-quality part without even realizing it until later, and most aftermarket auto parts don’t have warranties, either. It is best for a car-savvy shopper to look for aftermarket auto parts, so they can find a good deal and avoid low-quality items.

OEM Parts for Mercedes

By contrast, OEM parts are indeed from the car’s original manufacturer. This means the buyer can avoid the huge and potentially confusing variety of aftermarket parts, and while OEM parts are more limited in variety, they are practically guaranteed to be high quality, and they will certainly work in the car once installed. Mercedes-Benz spark plugs or fuel injectors, for example, will be no trouble at all once installed in a Mercedes. These parts tend to come with warranties as well, which can be a big relief for many car owners. Still, these parts are usually more costly than aftermarket auto parts, and might cost as much as 60% more. For many buyers, though, this heightened price is worth the quality and performance assurance. Also bear in mind that OEM parts are not as widely available; most often, the car’s owner must visit an auto shop that has them in stock. The shop can order them, but it will take time for them to arrive. Lastly, note that while quality of OEM parts is pretty much a guarantee, some aftermarket parts may have the same value for a lower price. Someone looking to cut costs without cutting quality might not want OEM parts at all.

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