A Guide on Castrol Oil and Why You Should Consider It

Car manufacturers are turning towards smaller, lighter, and more powerful engine production models. The push for improved performance increases strain on the oil due to the high temperature and pressure levels. Increased metal to metal contact thins out the oil, which may lead the engine to struggle with friction reduction.

However, high-quality Castrol oil quickly alleviates these issues. The company has a long history of brilliant innovations, with the most notable being the fluid Titanium technology. The titanium-based technology improves performance and strength. It resonates with the high number of manufacturers that recommend Castrol lubricants for their brands.

Viscosity Index

The viscosity of oil is measured by resistance to flow and shear. The flow and shear determine the film strength of metal parts in contact. Engine oils naturally thin out as the car heats up and thicken as the engine cools. High viscous oils are better at maintaining film strength, thus protecting the engine parts at higher temperatures.

The viscosity index is an integral part of the engine’s combustion. According to a recent survey, 89% of lubrication professionals consider an oil’s viscosity index when selecting a lubricant. The titanium additives in Castrol oil have documented performance improvements with three times stronger viscosity breakdown than other leading premium oils. Always use motor oil that matches your manufacturer’s recommendation.

Types of Castrol Oil for Sale

Castrol oil distributors stock a variety of product lines, including synthetics, semi-synthetics, and mineral oils.

· Synthetic oil: Modern manufacturers recommend synthetic oil for high-performance and turbo-charged engines. Synthetic lubricants work great under higher pressure giving an extended engine performance. The oil may need to be changed after 15000 miles.

· Semi-synthetic oil: These oil brands offer blends of mineral oil mixed with synthetic oil. They provide a delicate balance between benefits and cost-effectiveness. The engine oil may require to be drained after 7500-10000 miles.

· Mineral oil: The conventional oil is derived directly from crude oil and refined for machine use. It is ideal for engines that require high viscosity oils with a change every 3500-6000 miles.

Benefits of Using Castrol Oil products

1. Improved Engine Performance

Castrol’s proprietary fluid titanium innovation significantly improves performance through friction reduction. Friction can reduce your engine output by up to 10%. The technology affects the way the oil behaves under pressure providing excellent anti-wear protection to the metal in contact. The oil strengthens your engine to work harder under high temperatures and pressures, thus maximizing your engine performance.

2. Impressive Fuel Economy

Synthetic oils provides efficient engine performances that turn out to be economical in the long run. The advanced premium full synthetic motor oil can serve you up to 20,000 miles without necessitating a change. For the best outcomes, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on your vehicle’s manual.

3. Keeps Your Internal Engine Parts Clean

Castrol oil for sale incorporates sophisticated blends of additives that improve lubrication, cleaning, and corrosion resistance. The anti-wear additives and detergents remove sludge and other engine deposits. The high-quality motor oil may help you avoid costly engine repairs in the future.

In Conclusion

Castrol’s comprehensive line of engine oils improves engine performance and strength. Additionally, the oil will also lubricate and clean up your engine. Take advantage of the castrol oil for sale deals available on our website today and unlock the power of your engine.


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