The Different Types of Small Dents and How to Repair Them

With time, it’s likely your vehicle will experience some wear and tear both on its body and under the hood. When it comes to the exterior, among other factors, the cost of repair is going to depend on where the dent is on your vehicle and the size of it.

Many car owners may attempt to make small dent repairs on their own, but doing this can be risky and may result in even more damage and increase the final cost of repair. Many of the DIY methods are less careful and efficient, but thankfully, professional repairs are not too costly and will guarantee a proper fix. Here’s what you should know about car dent repair

How Much Does It Cost?

As mentioned, there is no fixed cost per dent, as it will depend on the type and size of the dent; however, paintless dent removal is the most common type of repair, and it is also the least costly. You’ll be looking at around $50 for a baseline price, with the final cost varying per the damage.

Paintless dent repair is typically done on smaller dents that have not dug into or chipped the paint. Repair technicians will use professional tools to pop out the dent on your vehicle, and a properly done job can take up to two hours. The cost will increase with the amount of labor needed.

How Does it Work?

Small dent repairs are needed when the body of a car has taken light damage that may have been caused by rocks, hail, or a light bump. Many times, these spots can be hard to spot but ultimately diminish the value of your car.

Removing a dent is relatively simple for professionals with the proper tools. In order to remove the dent, they will get behind the damaged area with a repair tool and begin to pop it back into place. To avoid further damage, this can be a slow process, but it will yield noticeable results.

Dent repairs are more troublesome if they do require paint or are large in size. These types of repairs will require more time and will also be more expensive. You should inquire with a professional technician to get a better sense of where the cost of your dents lie.

Repairing Your Dents

Professionals with years of experience will supply you with high quality outcomes that are guaranteed to uphold. If you find that your vehicle needs any small dent repairs, contact an expert to find out how they can help you and get your car looking good as new.

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