New Upholstery for Cars and Furniture

Many components can make a home or a car appealing and work well, and maintenance on cars and furniture is widely varied. One way that a car’s interior or a piece of furniture can be maintained and improved is through upholstery repair and replacement. Damaged, worn, or dirty upholstery is not only hideous, but can allow the item to leak stuffing, and items may get lost inside. Custom car seat upholstery, for one, can refresh a car’s interior and personalize it at the same time, and custom car seat upholstery isn’t even the end; cleaning the car’s carpet and replacing its floor mats can also rejuvenate the interior, and home furniture such as couches and arm chairs can also stand to have furniture repair jobs done. When is it time to fix upholstery? And how should it be done?

Cars and furniture are, unsurprisingly, very common, but given how many there are, they aren’t always taken care of the way they should be. IHS Markit research says that by the year 2021, some 20 million vehicles over the age of 25 will be on the road, and a HomeGoods survey found that 9% of Americans have not updated home decor in more than 10 years, and 47%, almost half, have not done so even within the last five years. By contrast, recent data shows that around 77% of cars need maintenance or repair jobs done for any or all systems in the vehicle, and that is bound to include many cases of car seat upholstery being damaged or worn out. And an average couch lasts about 7-15 years, and in that time, it may need some repair work.

Fixing the Upholstery

Custom car seat upholstery is an excellent route to take to refresh a car’s interior, whether or not the owner plans to keep driving it or make it attractive to prospective buyers. This can be done with do it yourself, or DIY, work, provided the owner has the tools and expertise to get the job done. If so, he or she can decide what sort of new upholstery (and what color it should be), buy those supplies, and get to work. Often, sewing is involved, stitching closed rips and holes in the upholstery, and patches might be used. Or, a professional can work on it instead, and the car’s seats will have all of their upholstery removed and new upholstery installed.Reupholstering your car seats does not have to be a huge burden; a driver will definitely know when it is time to fix it (holes and rips will be tough to miss) and the owner can research new material and choose one, or else the owner will already know what new materials are desired. Once custom car seat upholstery is in place, the car’s interior will look, feel, and smell like new.

Similarly, the car’s carpeting or floor mats may be cleaned or replaced to keep the interior fresh and appealing. Worn out car mats should be replaced at once, and dirty ones can be either cleaned or replaced if the dirt is too tough or deeply ingrained to the fibers. Car carpet is not so easily replaced, but the proper tools, such as brushes and special cleaners, can be used on it, whether in amateur or professional hands.

According to Architectural Digest, a homeowner who needs to replace a piece of furniture’s upholstery should first consider the intended use of the furniture and how long different materials will last. Showy but delicate fabrics, for example, are a poor choice if children or pet dogs or cats will be on or near the furniture often. Online guides can also show an owner how long different materials last and how well they age. Leather, for example, ages well despite being organic, and often feels better and better over time, and doesn’t rip easily. If hazards are not present, luxurious fabrics or wool or silk may be chosen to suit the owner’s taste and the room’s decor. Then, a professional can be contacted, often through a nearby furniture outlet, and the store’s associates or a professional will overhaul the desired furniture’s coverings.

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