Like a Multi-use Tool, Thomas Bus Parts Always Come Through in a Crunch

Braun lift parts

In the United States, an estimated 480,000 buses travel on the road each day. Bus passenger journeys account for about two-thirds of all public transport usage, and according to SF gate research, bus transportation saves an estimated 327,000 solo round-trips per year in the United States. With the average number of passengers for a standard coach bus being 32, high daily mileage and large quantities of passengers causes the parts of a bus to wear and malfunction frequently.

Public transportation and shuttle buses are not only important for providing reliable transportation options for U.S. residents, they also provide another outlet for being environmentally friendly with the amount of fossil-fuel they save by limiting solo-trips each day. Keeping your buses performing and maintained properly can be difficult, especially in high-traffic urban environments. For keeping your buses properly maintained and running smoothly, Thomas bus parts provides one of the best options in the United States.

Thomas bus parts are supported by one of the most advanced commercial bus parts distribution networks in North America, giving customers access to a wide range of new and re-manufactured parts, bus accessories and components, including their private-label products sold under the Alliance Truck Parts brand name. From bus engine parts to bus windows and mirrors, Thomas Built dealers are regularly supplied with time-critical deliveries. When a service need arises, Thomas is committed to resolving the issue in a time-efficient manner — Thomas has built the systems to make sure that servicing and parts deliveries happen quickly. It’s always important to have the right tool for the job, and with Thomas, that tool is called customer service. You might think of Thomas as something like a combination wrench: a go-to, multi-use tool that always comes through in a crunch.

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