Accessorize With Custom Spare Tire Covers

Spare tire covers

Ok, here is an interesting fact. According to an RMA survey, an estimated 85% of American drivers do not know how to properly inflate their tires. Seems like it should be something taught in school, but often we just leave those details to our mechanics.

On the other hand, many people absolutely love their vehicles and are always looking for ways to maintain it to the best of their ability. Often these car owners also like to add personal touches such as custom spare tire covers or other such accessories.

Custom spare tire covers make spare tires easily accessible in case of a flat or punctured tire. Flat tires occur quite often, about every seven seconds in the United States. Custom spare tire covers are made from weather resistant materials that keeps the spare tire ready to go no matter the time of year or weather.

Most of these custom spare tire covers are used by SUV and truck owners that have the spare tire located on the outside of their vehicles, rather than in the truck. The standard spare tire covers are usually black or may match the car color. However, you can find custom spare tire covers that can actually accentuate the look of the spare tire, rather than just having it look utilitarian.

You can find custom spare tire covers in thousands of styles and colors. They also have the ability to be customized with an image you like. You can have a spare tire cover that bears the logo of your favorite sports team. Or, how about the insignia from your college or university?

So where do you find custom spare tire covers? Many auto parts retailers offer these accessories with plenty of different options such as sports teams and such. However, if you want a true custom spare tire cover, you will need to find a specialty company that creates and prints your specific design. You can also find different models of custom spare tire covers at the specialty shops. For instance, instead of the usual canvas material you may be able to find custom tire covers that are a hard shell that will add a special touch to the look of your car.

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