Keepin’ it Clear All Year

Clearance under obstacles

in 2014 alone, over $130 million was spent by New York City on snow removal. Canada spends over $1 billion every single year! . There are two types of edges you can have on your snow plow rubber edge or steel edge.

Urethane or Rubber

  1. Having a snow plow rubber edge can grow your customer base because there are many plowing contracts that specifically state that the other option of steel cutting edges are not to be used. If you only use steel edges you could severely limit your potential business.
  2. Rubber edges are much quieter. Places like apartment complexes or hospitals or even at certain times of the day, such as early morning will definitely prefer the serenity of the rubber blade.
    Urethane is quiet.
  3. Your drivers will also appreciate these times of edges because the rubber edge eliminates a lot of the vibration that normally travels to the driving cab.
  4. Leaving a thin coating of snow over frozen gravel is a good idea because it can avoid slipping and falling on the gravel. Rubber will actually glide of the gravel surface, leaving that thin layer or snow.
  5. Fresh snow works best for the snow plow rubber edge. Think of a squeegee on a window. The rubber performs even better when being used on slush or fresh snow that hasn’t hardened or frozen over.
  6. Lastly, urethane is durable, heavy duty and
    Urethane reduces obstacle impact. Urethane?s material composition is a type of durable, heavy duty, flexible plastic. This helps if you come across an unexpected object in the snow that you did not see. Having such a flexible material for your blade helps to lesson the impact on the machine and also on you.

Steel Snow Pusher

  1. Steel is a much harder material. This does help to extend the life span of the cutting edge because there isn’t much that can wear it down. Therefore, replacement will be less often thus saving money.
  2. Steel looks better; it is more aesthetically pleasing. Steel looks tough and durable making it more appealing.
  3. While rubber performs better with soft and fresh snow, steel performs the best with hard packed snow and frozen snow. Because a steel edge removes hard pack snow, it makes it a much better tool to use if the snow has been sitting for awhile.

These heavy duty snow plows have a 10 year warranty, ensuring you get the most out of your equipment. Sno pushers really are ingeniously simple products with minimal movable parts which cuts down on small breakages and having to replace parts too often. These machines are usually used to clean up parking lots, airport tarmac, industrial facilities, and such areas generally over 1 acre in size.

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